Startup Law Blog is a website for technology entrepreneurs and founders. Articles are generally legal in nature, but topics may include issues and current events related to the technology and startup ecosystem, especially in Malaysia. The site was launched in 2020.

Who runs Startup Law Blog?

Izwan Zakaria, a technology and startup lawyer at Izwan & Partners is the main founder and author. Izwan has acted for bootstrapped startups to venture-backed companies in various phases of their growth process. For more information about Izwan’s experience, visit his law firm’s website to know more about his practice or connect with him on his LinkedIn.

What topics will Startup Law Blog cover?

Startup Law Blog seeks to explain common legal issues involved in a startup’s lifecycle, including incorporation, cofounders, advisors, grants, accelerators, stock options, convertible notes, SAFEs, seed rounds, and venture capital, and so on. Sometimes we may also write “non-legal” posts, but they will usually involve entrepreneurial lessons, startup events, or news.

Can I also contribute?

Of course! We welcome guest contributions from law students, lawyers and in house counsels or anyone that can add value to our readers. We will also include the usual attribution to you as the author of the piece. If you want to contribute, send us your piece at [email protected].

How do I contact you?

If you would like to reach out, use the contact page.