I co-authored a World Bank report on startup financing in Malaysia

During the early lockdown month last year, I was surprised when I received an email from a World Bank researcher asking to schedule a call with me to ask a few questions on the state of startup financing in Malaysia.

I found out afterwards that both of the researchers came across one of my webinars speaking on legal matters that startups should know hosted by a local ecosystem agency.

The result of the initial virtual led to the recent research paper below that was published earlier this week by the World Bank.

The report covers an overview of the current regulatory funding landscape in Malaysia and the region and how policymakers can improve its current policies to promote more funding opportunities, to unlock more private capital from angels to corporates to venture capital funds to invest in more early stage startups in Malaysia. 

As a venture capital lawyer that worked quite a bit with venture funds, the report also covers several existing gaps in the current framework that may need to be improved to promote more local funds being funds formation including clarity on the current tax incentives to reviewing the current legal structures.

I must say again that it is such a humbling experience to be included and recognised as one of the co-authors in the World Bank’s latest report on assessing the start-up financing ecosystem in Malaysia. 

My thanks again to the World Bank team for the opportunity to be involved in this report especially senior economists Smita Kuriakose and Kristina Fong for being such wonderful people to work with and for the opportunity to contribute to this report from my perspective as a venture and startup lawyer.

Here’s the link for the full copy of the World Bank report.

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