Webinar: Business contracts 101 for startups

I was invited by Proficieo earlier today to give a talk on business contracts especially focusing on issues faced by technology companies and startups.

Coach and Grow Programme is a public and private partnership between Cradle Fund a government funding agency and a private consulting firm Proficeo focusing on helping selected companies to grow and scale their companies as a global business from Malaysia.

It was great to see a variety of different technology entrepreneurs ranging from those in the data, IOT, and analytics space to brick and mortar shops like such as a founder that runs an experiential toy and haunted house business.

The Q&A was particularly interesting to me. The issues raised include protecting intellectual property assets during a pilot project, sharing sensitive confidential information, ensuring payments, and other compliance issues.

Here’s a copy of the deck.

My thanks again to Proficeo for the opportunity to get involved in the programme. I do hope that I was able to add value to your portfolio companies and the overall startup ecosystem.

Happy to hear your thoughts on your specific contract issue (just drop a note on the ‘contact form‘)