Webinar: Fintech startups in Malaysia 101

I love working with fintech startups. We need to have more innovative solutions in the financial space so that we can empower more underserved and unbanked segments in Malaysia. 

Next week, I will be sharing my experience in advising fintech startups. To date, I’ve worked with various fintech companies from equity crowdfunding, peer to peer, robo advisors to money lending in their dealings with the relevant regulators. To recap, earlier this year, Izwan & Partners was selected as one of the legal partners to participate in the Fintech Booster, a joint programme managed by MDEC and the Central Bank of Malaysia to get more fintech startups to set up a shop in Malaysia.

The key focus of the talk will focus on the key legal areas that a fintech founder should consider before setting up a fintech company in Malaysia. Additionally, we will also explore the usual online documents and contracts that need to be in place to ensure a smooth running of a fintech platform.

The talk will be on Friday, 24 June 2021 between 1030am to 1145am via Zoom.

To sign up, click here to Fintech Booster’s website to sign up (please note that you need to sign up for an account separately to RSVP for the talk).

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